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ralph lauren home Walk in the autumn , falling leaves picked up a discarded palm , as if through the fingers can feel time flies forward , my heart thrown a helpless feeling, which I have some insights.

Life , as this seasonal cycle . Spring is the innocence of childhood , happy and beautiful ; summer , sweat and hard work is sprinkled young , hard but fulfilling ; autumn ralph lauren home , is back in the past in old age , loneliness and joy ; winter , is the end of his life , and was buried thick snow. I fear most is not the death of winter , but autumn desolate .

However , some do not meet the age of total vicissitudes of young people who fall , as several rounds of lunacy after rain chaos , there is always this should be some palm leaves from the branches in the autumn when , on a float ralph lauren home attached to the spring and summer of stone . The cool early autumn night, independent of the yellow leaves on the stone steps throughout , facing months looking pale moonlight spilled in the face , I felt only a single residual autumn cold , as if to hear the crickets worry sigh , as if altitude geese had seen and heard geese solitary Ming spilled , with children dream absurd.

I always dreamed that my age had to live the life , struggle , hard work, but I often dream of doing the same ralph lauren home , a bleak autumn dream. Background like a dream , like yellowed old photos , westerly have yellow leaves in the dance , dancing dash vast, Kuteng old tree and skinny horse laden with my feet on the paved trail Grottoes , the next sunset, shadow pull old long before I invested in the road . No purpose trip, the scenery is full of autumn color , watching old leaves dead wood , I can imagine the spring and summer when they look , but their green, only record in their memories. I picked up a handful of leaves lit , not the warmth of the fire came , poured full of bleak autumn . I was wandering in the autumn , will eventually be like that , like autumn leaves , return to dust.

Every waking up ralph lauren home , standing in front of the mirror , looking at the white dream had Shuangbin empty lament against time , the mirror eyes , actually hidden in the vicissitudes of old age . Clenched hands , nonetheless failed to keep the rush hour. Past fleeting not recover , new growth around the age , can do is abandon sad, courageously forward , and a race against time . Ignite youth, ignite hope , let raging fire , breaking the barrier of darkness .